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What’s up Michigan fans?! It’s game week and it’s your girl, co-host of the BluePrint Michigan YouTube channel and I’m here with an update on Michigan’s Defensive line.

In speaking to a few of the players recently, I was able to get a few bits of information from some key players on Michigan’s defensive line.

Rashan Gary

First, Sophomore DE Rashan Gary, has spoken on how he has improved his body during the off-season. He spoke specifically, about a major strength difference from last year to this year and gave props to the strength coaches working with him. He said he has cut his weight down by cutting down on his ice cream intake, begrudgingly. Now he gives himself an ice cream treat once a week. Gary, came into Michigan overweight, he claims, at 297 lbs and about 20% body fat; now he is at 286 lbs with 14% body fat.  With improving his body during the off season, he is able to handle certain blocks that he wasn’t able to handle last year. So we thought Rashan was a beast last season — he now has us on our toes to see what he reveals in 9 days with his improvements!

On a different note: Gary told us, how he’s been stepping into a leadership role by speaking up more over the last year. Rashan is known to be somewhat reserved, which was okay as a freshman. He said when he first came to Michigan he didn’t speak much. This was understandable since that was his time of learning and soaking in as much as he can. Then he later started speaking once a day increasing to twice a day. Now, he says, he just flows. This is good for the team, especially since it’s a young team, to have a player to look up to who has gone through the transition from listener to leader. Perhaps, Gary can help the youngsters learn the finer points of leadership during his weekly indulgence in ice cream when he’s not eating QBs on the field.

DT Maurice “Mo Money” Hurst, is feeling confident in being an every-down player this year, while being able to maintain stamina and productivity in plays. He says, it’s as much training his physical body, as well as it is being in it mentally, for him to be able to perform and keep his body in shape.

Bryan Mone

In speaking of DT, Bryan Mone, the DL guys are saying he has been a beast during camp and that he is someone to look out for. Since Mone, has been injured, starting first with his leg sophomore year then his knee injury last season, he hasn’t yet been able to show us all of what he’s capable of. He has been healthy and putting in work during camp, so this season Bryan is someone we’re going to want to watch. He is a guy that is huge and powerful, that can take on multiple blockers and probably multiple servings of Rashan’s recently abandoned frozen treats.

To sum it up, people, our D-Line should be ready to stuff the run, rush the pass and to disrupt offenses all season long. We haven’t even dug into the depth yet with some of the younger players, but hopefully I’ll be able to talk with some of them soon.

We should be very excited about this season if Rashan, Mo, and Bryan can live up to the potential that we have seen them demonstrate up to this point. I’m confident that even with expectations as high as they are, we may be pleasantly surprised. 

That’s all for now, BluePrint Nation, but we will be back soon with more info. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel! We have lots of interviews coming up. Get fired up for game week! Go Blue and Beat Florida!

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  1. Florida fina have problems with that front 4. Their best bet is to pass on our young corners and test them early. Run game will be obsolete. Go blue!

  2. Welcome to Wolverine Nation Rocke Jones! Hail!

  3. I look forward to watching the defensive line this year! I think it is one of our best units,even without any returning starters. Great post!

  4. Great post but I think you should just put whole Dline. Can’t forget about my boy Chase at the other end. I think he is going to tear it up this year.
    Go Blue

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