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WOW! What a performance. I knew Michigan winning comfortably was certainly possible given Wisconsin’s defensive issues lately, but I did not expect the performance we saw defensively.

Jonathan Taylor was a non-factor in this game. Michigan outrushed Wisconsin and the offensive line put Wisconsin’s vaunted OL on skates as the 2nd half ticked away. A blessing to this program, in just 6 games since the season opening loss where the OL was much to blame, they have completely turned it around. The run game was dominant.

Since 2009, Wisconsin has lost by double digits to just two other teams: Ohio State in 2014 and Alabama in 2015. Both of those teams went on to win the national championship.

Karan Higdon showed up his Heisman Trophy candidate counterpart


Lavert Hill also made history with his game-sealing 21-yard pick six-

Couldn’t have dreamed of a better night game. Yours truly has been a night game hater. My experiences last season were very bad first impressions. Last night was fantastic. The crowd brought it and most importantly, THE TEAM brought it!

A big road game up next. Time to bring Paul Bunyan back home to Ann Arbor where he belongs, right next to the Little Brown Jug in that Schembechler Hall locker room trophy case.

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