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Another crazy Michigan-Northwestern game. You know, I complain about the B1G scheduling and how Michigan will play certain West teams very little but I think I’m alright with not playing them again in Evanston until 2024.

Michigan simply cannot keep doing this on the road to start the game or else it will go very bad in the remaining road games. I heard The Team was sluggish in warmups and that’s concerning because it sounds like some players may have taken Northwestern lightly.

The lesson is learned once again, Northwestern under Pat Fitzgerald will always bring their best shot. And thankfully, once again, Michigan escapes with a victory. The last time a ranked Michigan team faced an unranked Northwestern team was 2011–a game the Wildcats led by 10 at halftime. Northwestern led by 10 in 2018’s game at half as well.


The play in the first half was really bad, but it’s still really awesome to see The Team finally pull it together on the road and respond to the adversity with a comeback victory. Last year this game would’ve been over and look at the 2016 game at Iowa. Not even our #2 ranked team could put together a comeback on the road against a middling B1G West team.

So far the 2018 team has checked off the boxes that haven’t been checked off the last two years. Blowing out bad teams at home and finishing a comeback on the road with a W.

There are still more boxes to check off, though.


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