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Just coming off the heels of our first successful interview, where our very own Matt Baker interviewed incoming freshman defensive back Vincent Gray, we have another one ready for fan consumption.

In this edition, I, Tyler Warner, had the honor of interviewing 2019 and current Wolverine commit, Linebacker Charles Thomas. If you don’t know much about Charles Thomas as a player, do yourself a favor and check out a few of his highlight videos on Hudl down below:

Now you guys have probably already seen the artwork produced by Derrick Ryan (@drthemighty), without taking up too much more time let’s checkout the interview – shall we?

Tyler Warner: First of all, Charles, thanks for being willing to speak with us.  It’s awesome to get the perspective of you guys on the recruiting trail. Let’s dive right into questions if you don’t mind.  My first one is, IMG academy is going to be facing Mater Dei to open up the season. What are your feelings on facing them?

C. Thomas: I look at it the same as every game. It’s just a blessing to be able to step on the field to showcase my god given abilities.

Tyler: Awesome, that’s a great response. You really can’t say it any better really.How has IMG helped you out as a football player and as a student?

C. Thomas: I have the opportunity to compete with and against some of the best talent in the country. You know how they say iron sharpens iron well it’s true. The coaches at IMG are also really good coaches and they hold us accountable and push us. As far as academics IMG has really good tutors and teachers.

Tyler: Awesome, so how are you enjoying the process of your recruitment? And on visits where does Michigan stand in or out compared to other campuses?

C. Thomas: Michigan is special place. I love the coaches, town, defense, uniforms, tradition, academics, fans, stadium and the list goes on. I look forward to getting back to Michigan and watching them. I am very excited about the season.

Tyler: What do you think of the new staff changes and have you had a chance to talk to coach Herbert?

C. Thomas: I hear a lot of good things about the new staff. I haven’t got a chance to talk with Coach Herbert but I definitely want to talk to him when I come down and visit.

Tyler: What are you looking most forward to getting back to the campus what are the biggest things you want to take away as you visit Michigan?

C. Thomas: Just hang with the coaches, see the new weight room. I’ve already seen all I need to see.

Tyler: Do you have an idol player? Someone you try to mold your game after?

C. Thomas: I really don’t have a player that I mold my game after.

Tyler: Is there something you’d like the Michigan fan base to know about you?

C. Thomas: I look forward to playing in the Big House on Saturdays in front of them.

Tyler: You ever get sick of getting interviewed? Actually how much has your life changed since your commitment?

C. Thomas: My life hasn’t really changed much since the commitment. it has changed more so after the transfer to IMG. Being here at IMG helped me a lot athletically and academically. I don’t really mind doing interviews as long as the questions that are being asked are not about another person. I don’t like telling reporters other athletes’ information.

Tyler: That’s understandable, I don’t blame you I wouldn’t want to talk about people and my teammates, that’s not fair to you really. Alright, sweet, any finals words for the fans?

C. Thomas: It’s no secret that Michigan has the best fans in the world and Go Blue!

Well folks, there we have it, another awesome interview. I’d like to personally thank Charles Thomas for letting me interview him, hopefully it wasn’t too painful. Again, Charles has said something I cannot say any better. So, in his wise words, IT IS no secret that Michigan has THE BEST fans in the world! Go Blue!

Bonus: Most recent HUDL video from Charles Thomas 

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