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Happy Friday to the great city of Ann Arbor, whether you were a fan or not, Offensive Coordinator Tim Drevno has resigned (  With the news hitting the airwaves, blogs, Social Media and everything in between, we felt it would be fun to share our reactions to this news.

Think of this as a round table podcast, in written form.

My  initial reaction is both shock and relief – I’m partly shocked because the writing was on the wall for a long time and it just never seemed like he would actually resign or get fired due to him being a Harbaugh guy. It seemed like we, as the fans, were going to be forced to take the medicine no matter what.
On the other hand the relief part is, with Drevno, it seems the fan base, as sad as it is to say, is overjoyed with the resignation. But I feel like this is a move that was necessary; the Offensive line didn’t perform like many thought they would, the passing game halted and a lot of unfortunate play calling lead to an all out outcry for Drevno’s position to become available. Personally, I liked Drevno and often defended him mainly because of his pedigree and Harbaugh’s loyalty to him. But after a myriad of recruiting misses the last few seasons coupled with this past national signing day, it seemed to be the final straw for Tim Drevno’s run as the Wolverines’ Offensive Coordinator.

My thoughts are not super dissimilar from yours Tyler. It’s the right move, it’s no secret that there was a clear outcry from fans, alumni, etc. calling for Drevno’s head. Some of the pressure was misguided and a little unfair but at the same time it was deserved. I, myself, believe that there were so many issues offensively, it was nowhere near fair to pin Drev as the sole fall-guy in all of this. We can talk about play calling but I’d bet Drev was only responsible for half of the calls at best. The biggest issues I saw with Drev were O-Line performance, which hasn’t improved much. It’s hard to peg that completely on him either since Frey was responsible for Tackles and TEs, where RT was probably the consistent Achilles heal in 2017 of all O-Line positions. Yet and still, with some of the misses in recruiting as well as his share of contributions to the unending calamities everywhere on offense, I understand the vitriol aimed at him, even if my agreement with it is only partially there. All in all it’s a much better decision for the program. I love all of the staff changes so far and if you have clear upgrades on staff in terms of OC and O-Line coach, while also being able to separate those duties – it becomes apparent that this is the best move for the program going forward and defuses the pressure-cooker-bomb that was festering in the fan base prior to imminent detonation.

Trevor: This was the biggest need for the team this off-season. I know Drevno’s resume – it’s solid. But our offensive line has the same issues it  had under Hoke.There has been zero progression. We have had a National title caliber defense for 2 years, and our offense has killed us and costed us games. He probably would have been great as just an offensive line coach but he was paid very well to do both and didn’t deliver. All the tension on the offensive staff involved him; Fisch and Wheatley are both gone because of him. With the addition of Warinner, it’s a brilliant and savvy move. I expect better offensive line play, a better offense, and better recruiting. For whatever reason,Drevno’s resume didn’t translate to Michigan but I hope for nothing but the best for him.

Derrick & Tyler (in unison, or 2 part harmony, whichever sounds best in your imagination):
Yeah, wherever this resignation leads I wish the best for him. (Vanderbilt?)

Tyler: So where does this leave the offensive roles from here on out? I’m thinking this
Warinner- Offensive Line coach/Run game coordinator
McElwain- Wide Recievers/Co-Offensive coordinator
Pep- Passing game coordinator/Co-Offensive coordinator
I think with more clearly defined roles it’ll allow Harbaugh to really accurately evaluate how each group is doing.

Trevor: It was a total cluster last year. We had a guy coaching Tackles, Tight ends and was also our run game coordinator. Our Offensive Coordinator coached Guards and Centers, but not Tackles?That’s insane. The offensive line is your most important asset on the offensive side of the ball and not having the whole line on the same page is just not a recipe for success.

Derrick: I agree with Trev to a degree. That and the fact that none of those guys were named Ed “freaking” Warinner! I see the staff working as follows:

  • McElwain – Offensive Coordinator and Wide Receivers Coach
  • Hamilton (if he stays and I personally hope he does) – Assistant Head Coach/ Co-OC (Passing Game Coordinator) and QB Coach
  • Ed W – THE Offensive Line Coach and Run Game Coordinator
  • Pep and Ed funnel their thoughts to Jimmy Mac, and Jimmy Mac makes them thumb wrestle for who’s play wins, and either goes with the winning play or throws both out and picks his own, but is ultimately responsible and accountable for the play called – which then can be either accepted or vetoed by Coach Harbaugh who will likely let it ride unless it’s something completely silly. Silly like the thumb wrestling idea, which was a joke, in case some of you are too serious to pick up on humor because you dwell in the deepest darkest places in the Michigan fan base, lurking and ready to pounce on any drippings of fun and positive things.

Tyler (laughing): Lets wrap this up real quick, who are all of your favorite hires this offseason?

Personally, mine is Ed Warinner; a great coach who gets the most out of the offensive line and is a fantastic recruiter. That one, for me, is a no-brainer. But with all the moves, I think they are all great and will go a long way toward making Michigan a better team.

Trevor: Warinner is possibly the best offensive line coach in college ball. Plus, the inside intel on Ohio State, which has to be a big plus.
I really do love Moore and Washington though. Those are the kind of guys we need. Hard working, attacking the recruiting trail, football-type dudes. Young and passionate.

Derrick: I’m going to cheat a little and combine two hires as the most important and as my favorites of the off-season thus far.  The combiniation of Warinner and Ben Herbert is going to be absolutely amazing.  You take the best O-Line coach in the nation and upgrade the Strength and Conditioning program with Herbert, and you have the makings of not only an offensive overhaul, but total team improvement as well.  We’ve mentioned Warinner ad nauseam so I don’t need to continue much there but dude, every time I see one of these videos made by the best video guy on the planet, Ty Rogers, featuring the team working out, I want to run through a large brick wall – head first.  I’m confident I would make it through without feeling any pain.

Bonus:  Watch this and hide your kids and hide your brick walls…

Thanks as always for reading – Team BluePrint.

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  1. I’ve seen the recent tweets about 5am squat parties, etc. Looks like Herbert is truly preparing them to perform at the next level.

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