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Hey Michigan fans and Blue Print Michigan fans out there.  Hope you all enjoyed the recent UofM Hoops run like we did.

Anyway, we are introducing a new series, where we are interviewing various current Michigan Student Athletes, prospects, recruits, and committed athletes.

We thought it would be a fun way to get to know some of these great people, and to understand more about the high-character Student Athletes already at Michigan and those who may or may not be incoming.  On the recruiting side, it’s nice to learn more about what goes into the recruiting process as well as the decision making process on the athlete’s side.

First up we have incoming Freshman, Vincent Gray, who was interviewed by our own, Matt Baker. Let’s get to it.

Matt Baker: Hey what’s up Vincent? Thank you so much for being willing to do an interview with us.  My first question is, when do you officially arrive on campus?

Vincent Gray: June 23rd.

MB: That’s exciting! You played WR and DB in HS, and were great at both. Is it going to be offense or defense at Michigan?

VG: I’m going to play defense at Michigan.

MB: What do you think about playing for Coach Brown in that scheme?

VG: Coach Brown is a big reason why I chose to go to Michigan. He’s one of the best in the country at what he does and his scheme fits my skill set really well.

MB: I agree 100%!
Have you talked about how they might use you? Viper/S/or CB?

VG: I’m going to start out at Cornerback but they told me I have the ability to play all the DB positions which will give me a better chance of getting on the field.

MB: That’s awesome!
What can you bring to the defense, both physically and mentally?

VG: I feel like I can guard anyone, and mentally, I will be able to remain focused on the ultimate goal of winning championships.

MB: Great mindset, I respect it!
I only have a few more questions for you.
Which current or former player do you model your game after? (Bonus points if it’s a Wolverine)

VG: Honestly I wouldn’t say I model my game after a specific player. I kind of take different things away from different players and try to incorporate those things into my overall game.

MB: Impressive answer, I like it. What do you think about the new strength program? Have you met Coach Herbert?

VG: Yes I met Coach Herb, and I love it! I think Coach Herb and his staff will be able to enhance my game and prepare me for the physical challenges ahead.

MB: Wow, that’s great! What went into your college decision making process? Why Michigan in the end?

VG: The biggest thing was just choosing a school that offered great opportunities for football and life outside of football and I felt that Michigan offered just that.

MB: I’m glad you were able to find exactly what you were looking for, bonus that it happened to be at Michigan! Last 2 questions (lol)
Spring game under the lights, should be a cool experience, right? Do you plan on making any trips to Ann Arbor before the 23rd?

VG: I’m going to AA tomorrow (March 31st) and probably a few practices during next week and definitely the spring game.

MB: Not going to lie, I am pretty hype about the spring game. Many things to look forward to!
When not playing football, what does Vincent Gray do to pass time? Play Fortnite? Any dubs?

VG: I’m actually playing Fortnite right now 😂😂😂 but I like playing video games and hanging out with my friends as often as possible just to get a break from football sometimes.

MB: Well, thank you for your time! We are thrilled to have you in the Maize and Blue. I think you’re going to do some amazing things on the defense and it seems to me like you are down to earth and a class act. GO BLUE!


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